Halfway in – 2010 World Cup

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DIY portraiture (via kramon blog)

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This is a good post. As a photographer, I have the same problem. 🙂
And I think everyone needs to know some tips about DIY portraiture also.

DIY portraiture Do you, as a photographer, have the same problem? I have plenty of pictures of the people around me. But when asked; I haven’t got a decent one of myself. At parties and social events, at home or on holidays, I’m usually the one taking the pictures ’cause you do it so well’. And the thing is; almost everybody needs pictures of … Read More

via kramon blog

Father’s Day(15 pics about Father)

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Forrest & Bob Underwear

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Photographer Henrik Adamsen shoots model Sarah Grünewald for Forrest & Bob Underwear.

by Natasja Fourie

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Natasja Fourie is a photographer and director working out of Cape Town, South Africa. She is represented by One League. Beautiful work.

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An orchestra with iPhones instead of instruments!

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OK Go – End Love

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Here is the new e OK GO for their track “End Love“. A funny choregraphy created in photography and stop motion.

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