The Time It Takes To Fall

October 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

I copy this from the blog name I, Thomas

I like this guy’s blog very much. Today I copy an article and a great video for you guys

The is the story behind the entry behind the song which you can listen to below.


When I was in college, one million, billion years ago, I used to take the train into the city each day and I’d spend my time writing about the people I’d see around me, making up stories about them, trying to work out who they were.

Everyday, there was this beautiful girl who took the train at the same time as me and, often, we’d end up in the same carriage. I never spoke to her and, because of my shyness, all we ever had was that train ride in the morning.

I had to be ok with that.

And I remember, as will they, spending one last night together with someone, knowing they would be gone when the sun came up.

And I had to be ok with that too.

So this is about being ok with the time we’re blessed with, with each other and appreciating it for all that it is, not worrying about tomorrow because by tomorrow, it could be gone.

click here to watch the great video

Im not sure I got the right point from this blog  but I think I did.

Sometimes simple words and simple pics or video or song could make people remember something past . Whatever good or bad, they all past and never come back , but never forget.

click here to the blog I, Thomas


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