What does it mean?

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look at my tumblr dashboard. what does boo! mean?


I see how they fall in love

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actually, there are two images
one, I took it outside the Maxi
and another, I took it in a toilet of the university


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纵贯线《亡命之徒》 视频,请点击这里观看




我们都口口声声的说我有一个梦想,我们都口口声声的说要为理想打拼,那么,去做个亡命之徒,放下一切去追逐你的理想,你可以吗?如果说只有做个亡命之徒才可以获得你梦寐以求的,那么… …what you say?

Julia Stegner: over the knee boots, Vogue Spain

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Why don’t we see more of you?

With long legs and tousled bedhair, Julia looks rather gorgeous for Vogue Spain, rocking numerous pairs of over the knee and thigh high boots. ——via fashionising.com

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I miss You

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Welcome to Winter time!

A true friend is… …

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A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart

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