Get out of the box

June 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

In 1936 , Walter Benjamin , a Marxism philosopher , worry about “holiness nature” (transcendency nature of art) will be lose in the time of mechanical copy . He said:”If art was mechanical copied , it would change the people’s attitude of art . People enjoy the coping stuff with uncritical , but they criticises the new things with detestation .”

No matter waht the comprehensive popular stuff or the limited popular stuff , they becomes the comprehensive populat stuff when they developed . That would make some effectes to people , changes people’s ideological .
We must keep making originality , another way say , keep everyone’s ideas about art , about literature , about everything is novelty , is unusual .
Keep every fresh idea can’t be duranced with traditional ideas .Definitely , maybe The Big Managzine will durance people’s ideas after we put it in practice .
There is a incompatible problem on The Big Managzine .

Mr. Seaver had dinner with his friend at work on media last night .
They talk about The Big Mangizne .His friend told him , the industry of media is hard to do , especially handle this .
As we say , The Big Managzine don’t look forward to payoff , don’t think about increase cost(indeed don’t wanna cost anything) .
Suchlike that , maybe The Big Mangzine is easy to be true .
But the point is how to choose the content , it’s a big problem .Mr. Seaver’s friend said the content is everything .It’s true .
But , the content is everything , is essential .It will attract many people and the group will grow up .
Many many people wanna join in the group , but we not sure everyone of them is the elite .
Mr. Seaver’s friend suggest him makes two intermediums .
One of them , called the comprehensive intermedium , the purpose is let more people join in .
Then we find the right guys , let them join in the another intermedium , name is essential intermedium .
This is the way , but a little bit inconvenient .


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